Traffic Citation Vs. Criminal Traffic Charge

When you receive a traffic ticket, you should understand the different implications of a traffic citation verses a more serious criminal traffic charge. In Virginia, a traffic ticket may actually contain an allegation of a criminal offense which, if convicted, results in criminal penalties. Criminal penalties can include jail, steep fines and license suspension. There are also collateral consequences of a criminal traffic conviction which can affect simple things like renting a car or something more serious such as your security clearance or employment. A traffic citation may also carry with it other consequences which you may not fully appreciate without speaking with a lawyer. We can answer your questions about traffic violations.

Not From Virginia? Hiring An Attorney Is Critical To Resolving Your Case.

While the office of Patel & Dalrymple, PLLC is located in Lynchburg, we represent clients throughout Virginia and many clients from out of state. Residents of Virginia may understand the implications of local traffic citations and criminal traffic charges but often those that travel through our state or visit are unaware of the serious consequences of what may seem like a routine speeding ticket. Even if you are not from Virginia, you are likely to experience potential negative consequences if you do not deal with a citation or charge properly.

If You Wait To Deal With Your Case, You May Regret It

Why? Because court dates get scheduled, deadlines loom and the ability to present a strong defense may diminish if you wait too long. There are a number of ways to defend a traffic citation, speeding ticket or a criminal traffic charge. Our firm can evaluate your particular circumstances and challenge the evidence that may be used against you. We have defended thousands of these cases. We understand what works and what doesn't. Our experience matters to every client, because every client benefits. Call us at 434-338-7080 to find out more or email our firm to schedule a time to discuss your case.