You Should Have Experience On Your Side

Keeping You Informed Every Step Of The Way

Patel & Dalrymple, PLLC was founded 10 years ago and is located in Lynchburg, Virginia. Everyone at our firm, including attorneys and support staff, strive to provide responsive client service at every stage. We copy clients on all emails and other correspondence so they do not need to ask about their case status. We expect that you hire an attorney to advocate for you and to inform you. Both roles are critical to successful resolution of your matter.

There Is No Routine Traffic Case In Virginia

Because Virginia has a unique approach to reckless driving and traffic violations, it is imperative that you have a lawyer representing you throughout the process. Not only do we present your case in court, if necessary, but we also work to minimize the financial cost to you as the case proceeds. There are some things that can be done before a court date that may minimize the likelihood of a conviction. It may be that taking a driver improvement course and negotiating with the commonwealth attorney before court resolves the matter. However, each individual case and circumstances are different. Our attorneys routinely deal with traffic defense and understand how to best approach each individual case.

We Know Traffic Defense

Speaking with an attorney about options before hiring that person or firm is an important part of the process. In every traffic case, we offer free initial consultations. You should be comfortable with the lawyer and firm you are hiring. We are confident that you will find our attorneys to be capable, understanding and responsive. Check out the attorney profiles below to learn more about our experienced attorneys:

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